E. Laurila hosts its own garage and repair shop

In addition to washing facilities for double tankers, E. Laurila Oy also hosts facilities for garage and repair work.

“Naturally, we also use quite a lot of Scania and Volvo repair services, but there are a number of time-consuming jobs where it is more cost-efficient to do ourselves. Our own repair shop also comes in handy in case of an unexpected failure in the middle of the night,” says Logistics Director Jarmo Laurila.

“A simple puncture usually also causes damages to the mudguard, lights and other surrounding components. Then, our repair team is worth its weight in gold, as we need to fix the vehicle as soon as possible. Annual MOT tests are also an important part of the work, as well as servicing, alterations and repair of trailers, tanker technology and so on, let alone the litres of oil and the many filters changed every year,” Jarmo says, listing the tasks of E. Laurila’s in-house garage.

Laurila Oy’s fleet is renowned for its spotless vehicles. Diligent car washing is available for the vehicles of other companies, too.